BonVoyage Case Study


BonVoyage is a travel app made easy. Most young travelers are looking to book their trips efficiently and on a budget. For this project, I studied three user interviews, created a user persona, and iterated upon multiple different sketches/wireframes at different fidelities to finally create a high fidelity prototype. I then conducted a usability test of the high fidelity prototype with real users and analyzed the data to see how BonVoyage can be pushed further.

User Persona

UX Goals
Created a mobile app that addresses the problems illustrated in the user interviews and the user persona. The problems I was looking to solve were:
• Booking trips on a budget
• Personalization of the experience
• A way for users to have access to their booking confirmation without cell service
• The option to choose a type of weather
• Feature local hotspots, rather than only the main tourist attractions

Goals of Specific User Flow
The goal of the user flow is to make a hotel reservation at the Iberostar Hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

6-8-5 Sketching
I used the 6-8-5 Sketching as an opportunity to quickly get my ideas out onto paper. This was the first time throughout the project that any sort of sketching was implemented.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes
The low-fidelity sketches seen here were an iteration of the 6-8-5 sketches. The iterations were made based on feedback from the 6-8-5 exercise.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes
Once I got feedback on the low-fidelity wireframes, it was time to bring my ideas into Sketch.

Style Tile
I created this style tile for a potential stakeholder to get a glimpse of the look and feel of BonVoyage. From this, I created high fidelity mockups.

High-Fidelity Mockups
The high-fidelity mockups take the mid-fidelity mockups a step further. Some elements from the mid-fidelity mockups were removed, such as the calendar. However, other elements were added such as the UI, the “book an activity” feature on the confirmation page and the iconography.

High-Fidelity Prototype
Check out the high-fidelity prototype here!

Usability Test & Results
The goal of the usability test was to observe how efficient it is for a user to book a hotel room at the Iberostar Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. I spoke with users who have never interacted with the Bon Voyage previously and observed them while they booked a room at the Iberostar Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. I collected quantitative and qualitative data and identified any usability issues.
Here’s what I found:
• 100% of users questioned whether or not the room was available for their time of stay
• 100% of users thought the budget slider was helpful
• 75% of users wanted to see a higher maximum on the budget slider
• 75% of users would have liked to use a calendar to book their stay
• The app was simple and easy to use for all travelers, regardless of their travel app experience
• The look and feel of the app was “clean” and “inviting”